Silicon Valley in plaster with anti-H-1B poster; Cognizant plagued by lawsuits for anti-white bias!

PFIR, an organization that exerts pressure against immigrants and work visas for foreign citizens has unleashed a major propaganda campaign in Silicon Valley. While the H-1B More...

Push notifications for Web browsers

How do you increase site traffic? The main objective of e-commerce companies is to continue to involve existing subscribers and get new visitors. There are many ways to increase More...

Kushner Cos. He presented false custody practices in New York

When the Kushner Cos. He bought three condominiums in a noble neighborhood of Queens in 2015, most of the tenants were protected by special rules that prevented developers from More...

How to record the Android screen with the YouTube gaming app

The YouTube gaming platform, available at, focuses primarily on live video game streaming. It may not have a large audience like Amazon’s Twitch TV but More...

A new hero enters the Inn for the Vigil of Shadows

A new hero enters the Inn for the Vigil of Shadows On Hearthstone’s official website, a new portrait has just been announced for the heroes of Hearthstone: it is Nemsy More...

Maida, from 16 March to 8 April the exhibition “Dinosaurs in Meat and Bones”

Dinosaurs are coming to the Due Mari Shopping Center, the giants of the past that will...

Jennifer Garner responds in a fun way to becoming an Oscar meme

Jennifer Garner knows how to embrace a fun moment. The actress’s inexplicable reaction during the ninety...

Eva Henger, truth machine on Sunday Live / Canna-gate, new accusations from Striscia for Alessia Marcuzzi!

Eva Henger vs Francesco Monte: the former shipwreck of the Island of the Famous 2018 undergoes...

Student chess championship at the start, at the tournament present 95 teams

The players are about 500 accompanied by teachers, instructors, family members. Numbers never registered in More...

The list: the guide of NBA fans to the prospects of NCAA tournaments

March Madness starts now. But the NBA is next for these university films. It is the time of the year when..

The most famous anti-doping scientist in the world thinks we can put an end to cheating in sports. Here because.

“Biological passports” could put an end to the abuse of drugs that increase performance. The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South..

Laughter can be good as an exercise for the brain

Laughter is like exercise in many ways. An attack of giggles bends some of your central muscles more than a More...

The abortion policy could strive to stabilize health insurance premiums

Polarizing abortion policies exploded in the Congress budget debate, overwhelming bipartisan efforts to help millions of consumers who buy their health..


Who does not have the feeling of always being tired and never being able to really rest? It’s nice to take a few hours of extra..

Terrace Charleston Film Festival offers plenty of international films

“What Haunts Us” is the hugely successful film this year at the Terrace Charleston Film Festival, and theater owner Paul Brown..

Aretha Franklin is canceling upcoming concerts, including a headline spot at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, due to doctor’s orders

Aretha Franklin is canceling two upcoming concerts on the doctor’s orders. The Queen of Soul management team said in a statement..

Voice tech in travel, part 3: the Skyscanner story

The days when you type search terms in a browser or click on the drop-down menus may fade. The increase in..