A new hero enters the Inn for the Vigil of Shadows

March 16, 2018
A new hero enters the Inn for the Vigil of Shadows
On Hearthstone’s official website, a new portrait has just been announced for the heroes of Hearthstone: it is Nemsy Frizzatenebre, the sorceress gnome , which will be available to all the players who will participate in a Hearthstone Rally starting on October 17th.

The portrait will be available even after the Halloween period . Anyone who wants to organize a meeting or look for the nearest Inn can find all the necessary information on the dedicated site .

Blizzard Entertainment wrote

Here we go again: the leaves fall from the trees and all the most revolting creatures of the swamp emerge crawling. If you want to organize or participate in a frightening Fireside Gathering for the Shadows Vigil, read on to find out what lies in the shadow of the Inn nearest you.


Organize a Fireside Gathering of the Sleep of Shadows



Anyone can organize a Fireside Gathering of the Shadows Vigil: just go to FiresideGatherings.com and create an event today! Specify the details: you will certainly want as many participants as possible. We will analyze your event and let you know if it has been approved.

Your Fireside Gathering of the Shadows Vigil can take place from October 9th to November 5th. Fireside Gathering support kits are also available for a limited number of innkeepers. To receive these gifts on time, register your event and request the support kit as soon as possible.

The extravagances of Nemsy


Also expect a special guest during this year’s Shadows Vigil. Hearthstone’s new hero, Nemsy Frizzatenebre, will be available at Authorized Fireside Gathering Locations starting October 17th *. This tin-trained Wizard will make its way into your Hearthstone collection if you play a Rissa Fireside at least once to a Fireside Gathering at a licensed Inn. But do not be afraid: Nemsy will continue to wait for you in the Shadows even after the end of the Vigil of the aforementioned.


Fun howling

WABL05ZHQRS41507076156832.gifTo make sure that Nemsy has fun, create your inn. The Innkeepers can do this after organizing a Fireside Gathering with at least 3 different participants. After satisfying these requirements, the next step will be to go to  FiresideGatherings.com  to consolidate the Inn that will become the home of your community.

The Inns that host the Fireside Gathering offer unique opportunities, such as the Risse Fireside and customization options for your Locanda’s sign. The Rissa Fireside of October is the  Squad Rissa : take a chair, gather your friends and make new ones with this group fight!

Find a Fireside Gathering

Advance, crawl, or materialize in the area’s Fireside Gathering by visiting FiresideGatherings.com and looking for the Sleep of Shadows closest to you.


Requirements for the Fireside Gathering of the Sleep of Shadows

  • Innkeepers who require scary boxes of treasure must be at least 18 years old.
  • Fireside Gathering must be open to all and must be held in a public place such as a bar, a restaurant, a pub, a congress hall, etc.
  • Your event will need to be listed on FiresideGatherings.com, allowing your guests to see the invitation.
  • Nemsy will only appear if you and your guests participate in a Rissa Fireside, so make sure you play it! Keep an eye on the alerts in play to get started.

Take part or organize your Fireside Gathering for the Shadows Vigil today!

To begin

* Nemsy Frizzatenebre will be available in the Inns with the release of Hearthstone 9.2 and will not be retroactively assigned.

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