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Belly after cesarean delivery: how to eliminate it in a healthy way

Belly after cesarean delivery

Especially for women who care a lot about their physical form, a big worry is represented by the appearance that will have its own belly after giving birth . A fortiori the concern and doubts increase when the birth occurred by caesarean section . Regardless of how you were before pregnancy, every woman who gives birth by caesarean section will see a change in her tummy compared to before. Of course, the physical modifications to which we are going to meet are subjective. They vary depending on the starting form, the elasticity and tone of the tissues, weight gain during pregnancy, physical exercise, and many concomitant conditions.

If you were thin before, and you manage to deflate the belly after delivery, you will probably notice the so-called cut step, that is, a slight swelling placed above the scar. The presence or not of this small swelling depends mainly on the woman’s tissues. Considering that by now the type of cut performed and the type of suture performed at the end of the procedure should not create problems.


What creates most concern is the ugly scar that remained to women who had previously undergone a caesarean section . The procedure was very little used, consequently the lower safety of the operators probably led to the execution of a bigger cut.

Today, even the suture techniques used allow an easier return to the starting conditions. The well-sculpted abdominals, if there were a time, can reappear after the caesarean section only by doing the right physical activity, which unlike the one who has had a natural birth, must be carried out after a longer period of rehabilitation. In order to allow all the various layers of fabric, especially muscle, to properly restore its functionality.

belly after caesarean section

Not all bodies are the same and after 9 months of pregnancy or just after a caesarean section the conformity of the belly takes on different dimensions. But this does not take away the love for the child that was born and think that the change was necessary to preserve the well-being of both (mother and child), lightens the problem.

Also, you do not have to be alarmed immediately: in the first weeks after the baby’s birth, it is normal for the tissues and muscles of the stomach to be relaxed and the skin appears toneless. To get back on track it takes a few weeks and a few foresight.

The period of pregnancy and that of the puerperium are characterized by global morpho-structural transformations of the woman’s organism. In particular, the abdominal and pelvic muscles support and allow the growth of the fetus during the nine months.

He works during the last gestational phase and in labor and delivery (in case of natural childbirth). It actively acts to restore normal physiological functions and return to a condition of physical and functional health and well-being. So it is important, in the immediate post-partum period, to help the pelvic-abdominal system to regain its basic functionality.

Belly after cesarean

It is very useful to perform exercises on the pelvic floor and posture, to be integrated slowly with those on legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms. If you think you have more support without compulsion, after using caesarean section the use of pancera is not contraindicated.

As a support only, in elastic fabric and with adjustable lateral bands, which helps restore the muscle-tendon-ligament relations of the belly and unload the pelvic floor from the excessive weight of the abdominal viscera. It can be worn for about ten days after caesarean section and only when standing, while it should be removed before going to sleep.


How to eliminate the belly

How to take off your tummy ? At least two weeks after giving birth, you can start performing specific exercises to tone your abs. If the diastasis of the abdominal rectum is present, that is the separation of the abdominals that normally occurs during pregnancy, it is necessary to wait a few more weeks.

Even a simple daily walk of about 30 minutes, improves muscle tone, vascular circulation and helps to get back in shape after childbirth .

Obviously you do not have to undergo drastic diets in an attempt to reduce the bacon, especially if you are breastfeeding. It is excellent to follow a correct post-natal diet , characterized by healthy and easily digestible food. Skin hydration is useful through specific natural creams or oils (sweet almond oil or jojoba oil).

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