Can I Fall in Love With My Husband Again?

April 10, 2018

Can a husband fall in love with you again? Absolutely; in fact, he may still be in love with you. Here is an aid to find out exactly where your marriage is and how to make sure that he is in love with you and that it stays that way.

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Many women find themselves asking “how can I make my husband fall in love again” after their marriage has degenerated and feel unloved and unseen by her husband. Perhaps you have not completely lost your heart, but in both cases we want you to come back.

There is an old joke about an 80-year-old man who never told his wife that he loved her and wondered if he did. His answer was that I told you I loved you when we got married; I will let you know if this will ever change!

While husbands often laugh at a joke like this, wives rarely do so. Just because your husband does not regularly express his love the way you want to see him, does not mean he’s not there; but it’s not even a good sign.

The goal is to make your husband fall in love again or at least start to express love if he is still there. Ideally, his love for you would be so overwhelming that you could not help but take a shower.

Sometimes a marriage falls into a roadway because the two people feel comfortable and take for granted. Unfortunately, this also happens if it was the excitement of a new relationship that probably attracted you together to begin with.

Without that new excitement, marriage may seem without love or at least boring. Whenever it happens, there is always the danger that one or both can start looking for excitement with someone else.

One of the first questions you might ask is how much do you take care of your appearance when your husband is around? When you went with him, you probably did not wear a comfortable sweatshirt, a dressing gown or a walk in curlers.

While you do not have to be dressed with Victoria’s Secret 100 percent of the time, I bet your husband would like to see something like that once in a while. Try raising a notch with your clothes and appearance without making it obvious.

So, try to engage him in a conversation that might remember what you talked about when you went out with appointments. Many times, if the children have come, then everything revolves around them.

Sometimes your world revolves around children that your husband sees a mother around but never a wife. If this is the case, then it is not entirely his fault if he no longer treats you like a wife. Make sure that some of your thoughts and efforts are related to marriage and not just children.

You may not need your husband to fall in love with you, maybe you just need to help him discover that love that has been ignored and put aside by other worries and needs of life.

When you have a chance with him alone, and if necessary, build him up, tell him that you feel he is distant and you want to be near again. See if you can make him say how he feels. Communication is the key and you want it to be friendly, not accusative.

In one of those times alone you can show him what kind of intimacy has escaped you and see if his answer indicates that he has lost too. You might be a little surprised if you have not done something like that for a while, but I bet you will succeed soon!

Can your husband fall in love with you again? You can also make it fun to discover. This does not happen all the business management articles at night, and we can help you with a game plan.

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