Published On: Fri, Mar 9th, 2018

Do you want to purify and lose weight? Take lukewarm water and lemon juice in the fasting morning as soon as you wake up!

Does it really help you lose weight?

Yes, but it’s not a slimming drink.

It supports weight loss if you follow a diet , with a healthy low-calorie diet, doing physical or sports activities on a regular basis. Minimum thirty minutes of movement per day, be it a walk, a jog, a treadmill, a bike ride, gymnastics, swimming, an exercise bike, etc. etc.

Except for personal contraindications , linked to the history of each individual and to their own basic pathologies, it should not create annoyances, indeed, the opposite. It offers benefits not just in time , especially if it becomes a healthy habit, to be continued consistently. However, to avoid unpleasant, before taking any kind of alternative “cure” or natural remedy, always ask your doctor . Generally, they do not hurt, but there could be discomfort and improper appearances, for example by interacting with some drugs or for forms of intolerance on the part of the body, various adverse reactions to be prevented.  We must not abuse it! A dozen days a month will be enough, every month of the year, or in season changes or in difficult moments, for no more than twenty consecutive days.

Lukewarm water and lemon juice: a panacea for our body!

To drink naturally, in the morning fasting, as soon as you wake up (wait for 20/30 minutes for breakfast.He is in a hurry, not less than 15 minutes, especially to consume milk). It is better to suck the drink with a straw, to avoid problems with the enamel of the teeth (I recommend to rinse your mouth shortly after). To be able to act as it should, it should not be sweetened or salted! Adding honey, it could be used in case of cold or phlegm, but they change quantities and quantities.

The taste? It depends on the tastes …

It is not neutral, it is acidic; more lemon juice you will add, more acrid and pungent will be to swallow. There are those who do “shock therapies” once a month, even every month, or when needed to detoxify (after spills, stressful periods, holidays, traditional festivities with lunches and dinners rich in succulent goodness not too healthy, travel, etc. etc.) It starts with the juice of a lemon on the first day, the juice of two lemons on the second day, the juice of three lemons on the third day, the juice of two lemons on the fourth day, the juice of a lemon on the fifth day, eating in white and very light for five days in a row (no coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, or anything that may not be considered “healthy”, to be replaced with green tea or yellow tea, herbal teas and infusions).

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