Eight methods that technical managers can use to improve their success

April 9, 2018

As a technical manager, it is your job to stay at the forefront of technology and be updated with the latest trends. It is not enough to go ahead and wait for the buzz to reach its peak: you need to understand when technological changes will benefit your business, and how, and what are the approaches to prioritizing.

Part of this is related to soft-skills, such as not losing focus on the needs of customers or making sure to develop the talents of team members. Another part is preparation: leaders need to work hard to identify which emerging systems are important to your business, so spend some time preparing team members and colleagues to manage change, not to mention ongoing problems like computer security.

To help guide you to success, eight members of the Forbes Technology Council, below, share some of the most important things that technology executives need to do differently in today’s business environment. Here’s what they suggest focusing on:

1. Take advantage of new technologies

We live in a world where more technological revolutions are happening in parallel, including smart devices, clouds, artificial intelligence and decentralization, to name but a few. Technology executives who can fully understand how these apply to their companies and exploit them to their advantage can really help themselves and their businesses succeed. – Venkat Malladi, Vymo

2. Do not lose customer concentration

Technology executives should adopt the latest technology, work on the simplification of applications and processes, and make a conscious effort to maintain customer focus. This will contribute to success for both the individual and the company. – Ajay Poddar, People Interactive (I) Pvt Ltd

Technology Used by Successwful Businesses

3. Keep your eyes open and your mind open

Success is a balance between addressing the needs of universal users and responding to the changes that make the difference. Keep your eyes and mind open, respecting your inner drive to change the world for the better. Information flows and technology change life around us so quickly, they can often just be reactive. Openness is essential to find a way to achieve your unique vision of the world. – Timo Rein, Pipedrive

4. Learn more about other parts of the business

As a technical founder for the first time, I really appreciated the process of learning more about other parts of the business. Every day I’m learning more about human resources, more about sales, more about marketing. You must be curious to be a good leader. – Kolton Andrus, Gremlin

5. Keep up to date with technological changes

I can not talk about what most technology executives are doing, but the most important thing to be successful is to never stop trying or keeping up with technological changes. The best way to do things today may not be the best way in six months. – Chris Richmond, Proper Media

6. Prepare yourself for what will come

2018 presents itself as a transformative year in technology. 5G cellular services, the extended software-defined network (SD-WAN), artificial intelligence and the most advanced data mining are entering the US company. This means accelerated growth in disruptive technologies and less attention to proven and true methods. For technology executives, this means preparing for what’s to come – more services and faster implementation. – Tom Roberto, Core Technology Solutions

7. Know how to identify talents and delegates

The most valuable skill every technical manager can have is the ability to identify their own best talents and delegate tasks. Technical leaders are often called upon to wear a lot of hats – from technical problem solving to budgeting to hiring. The “technology co-founders” often carry a large part of a company’s weight. It is natural that technical people want to “manage” it, but delegation is the key. – Jason Gill, The HOTH

8. Remember security

Technicians must begin to facilitate and promote security during initial design or implementation of services, products and business transactions. Computer security is now a way of life and should not be treated as an afterthought. – Michael Morris, root9B, LLC

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