BRUSSELS – “There is a very important beginning of March for the EU: there is the SPD referendum in Germany and the Italian elections, and I am more worried about the outcome of the Italian elections than for the result of the referendum of the SPD “on the big coalition agreement with the Cdu-Csu of Angela Merkel. This was stated by the President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker , who said that ” we must prepare for the worst case scenario. The worst scenario could be any government operating in Italy. “Together with the uncertainty in Spain, he added,” a strong market reaction is possible in the second half of March, we are preparing for this scenario. “” I do not have any illusions about Europe “, concludes Juncker,” it is better not to be too optimistic. “According to the President of the Commission,” the beginning of March will be a very important week in the EU. ”

An exit, that of Juncker, which prompted the premier’s reply Italian and negative reactions from + Europa, Leu, M5s and Lega.

“I will calm Juncker – Paolo Gentiloni replies- apart from the fact that governments are all operational. Governments, they govern. “” I – adds the Prime Minister – do not agree to see these elections as a leap in the dark. I’m not afraid of the chasm.

“” Juncker – Emma Bonino comments to Corriere Live – beyond the numbers, also looks at the electoral law that is very bad and was made just to not have a majority. It is not that we are doing a great figure of seriousness … ”

” Juncker’s concern – attacks Nicola Fratoianni , from Leu – is aimed at the markets, those on which no control in tax matters and against speculation has been put in place . Do us the pleasure of keeping silent “.

Matteo Salvini , League leader – unfortunately or fortunately happens the exact opposite of what he said.

“” The scenario that we have before is a center-right government fully operational within a month from the date of the election – assures the president of deputies Forza Italia, Renato Brunetta – Juncker does not face psychological terrorism in Europe “.

” President Juncker avoids statements that appear as real interference in the political life of one of the founding countries of the European Union – thunders the pentlocked MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo – the politics of the monitors and diktats of Brussels is dead and buried. “The M5s will guarantee Italy a stable government,

“Unfounded and inopportune concern! Unfounded because it will win the center-right and there will be a stronger government in the EU, inappropriate because it is yet another interference in the elections of a democratic country”, says Raffaele Fitto , Noi’s political leader with Italy UDC.

Juncker, on the eve of the high-level conference on the Sahel scheduled for tomorrow in Brussels, confirmed that “the EU is the first partner of the Sahel and Africa in general. help this Region to be safer and stronger and offer opportunities for the future of its inhabitants, especially young people “.

The committee will host the meeting, which will be co-chaired by Juncker himself,and president of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou , the chairman of the African Union commission Moussa Faki Mahamat and the UN deputy secretary general responsible for peacekeeping operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix .