Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Elections: Renzi at the “Corriere della Sera”, no executive with Lega or M5S (2)

And on the possibility of a dialogue with the grillini for the formation of the new government: “There is no government led by the 5 Stars that can get the green light of the Democratic Party. It is not a problem of hatred that the grillini have sown. a math problem, since the numbers are not there or would be very much “. The grillini – continues Renzi – are a political experience radically different from us. They are on values, on internal democracy, on vaccines, on Europe, on the concept of work and welfare, justice and justice: “We said we would never have made the government with the extremists, and for us the extremists are 5 Stars that the League.The only way they have to make a government is to get together, if they want.They have the right and perhaps the duty to try. The sovereigns have the same program on vaccines, Europe, immigration, bureaucracy, taxes. They do their government, if they succeed. Otherwise declare their failure “, concluded the secretary of the Democratic Party

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