The road that leads to the final in Lyon, next May 16, is getting shorter and shorter. But it is done uphill. The urn of Nyon has decided the crossings of the best 16 teams remained in the running to conquer the Europa League. The Milan of Gattuso has caught the Wenger Gunners, Lazio the Ukrainians of Dinamo Kiev. Round-trip races scheduled between 8 and 15 March. Here are the couplings :
Lazio-Dinamo Kiev , round: 21.05 – return: 19 hours
Leipzig-Zenit , round: 21.05 – return: 19 hours
Atletico Madrid-Lokomotiv Moscow , round: 19.00 – return: 17.00
CSKA Moscow-Lyon , one-hour tour 19 – return: 21.05
Marseille-Athletic Bilbao , round: 21.05 – return: 19.00
Sporting Lisbon-Viktoria Plzen , round: 21.05 – return: 19 hours
Borussia Dortmund-Salzburg , round: 19.00 – return: 21.05
Milan -Arsenal , out: 19.00 – return: 21.05

MILAN – Despite a lucky draw, the sports director Mirabelli has not lost his good mood and jokes about: “Well, I’m sorry for Arsenal, because he could continue in this competition, it would have been a good final. to have an important team like Arsenal at the moment, one for the other, I saw them with a slightly tense face, but they must be happy “.
LAZIO – For the Biancocelesti spoke instead the club manager Angelo Peruzzi. The former goalkeeper commented on the current situation of the Capitoline training: “The various ‘cases’ that have occurred in recent months in Lazio? I am here to work for Lazio and all the cases that there have been I have them solved by myself, I work together with other managers to do good for Lazio, then it is obvious that to resolve things, we need everyone’s will … Nani, he is well, he is part of the group and will certainly find space. They are all important, all teams that can put you in trouble, every game you have to earn, you have to sweat, a change of form to let Anderson play, I do not think it will happen, we are pursuing a game philosophy. space for everyone,