Published On: Tue, Feb 27th, 2018

Eva Henger, truth machine on Sunday Live / Canna-gate, new accusations from Striscia for Alessia Marcuzzi!

Eva Henger vs Francesco Monte: the former shipwreck of the Island of the Famous 2018 undergoes the test of the truth machine on the cane-gate but the public asks to invalidate it.

Eva Henger and Francesco Monte

Also this evening, Striscia La Notizia goes back to deepen the Canna-gate case after Eva Henger, in yesterday’s episode on Sunday Live, he decided to submit to the truth machine. The service of Antonio Ricci focuses this time on the statements of Vladimir Luxuria who known as Cecilia Capriotti confessed that, at the time of the first confession of Eve on Francesco Monte, there were cameras. Valerio Staffelli, who takes care of the service, declares: “Certainly more effective than Vladimir Luxuria compared to Alessia Mrcuzzi who, in the face of the confession of Cecilia Capriotti, pretended nothing, so the viewers felt taken by the nose”. We then talk about the new audio that Henger with the two sent by Striscia did listen only to D’Urso; so Staffelli unveils: “But the new audio will not be heard at Marcuzzi this time,


Eva Henger returns to the attack of Francesco Monte and the Isola dei Famosi. The former shipwreck has sharpened the claws on the eve of the new episode, which will air tomorrow. The former pornstar used her Instagram profile to return to office: she published a photo of Le Iene’s report, which yesterday dealt with the story of Marshal Emiliano Boi. “Denounce contaminated water: the Navy process it”, the title used by the Italia 1 program. Ed Eva Henger added her comment: “It reminds me of something !!!”. The reference is to his complaint concerning the “cane-gate”? Someone is trying to cover up his complaint? In fact, she who launched the accusations to Francesco Monte ended up in the middle of a media storm … The former shipwrecked, however, has not been unbalanced in his Stories,


Eva Henger has received much support after her revelations on the “cane-gate” of the Island starring Francesco Monte. For many words of comparison, attacks also come on social networks. After posting a shot in the company of his daughter Mercedesz, on Instagram we read: “If you are so honest and honest explain why you and family delete all comments that you do not like leaving only those in favor ??”, and more: “Second you exaggerated me … you made the wrong way, you made a bomb explode … always if it’s true “. Someone, however, argues that Eva does well to cancel the offensive comments that, most of the time they come from women: “Talk a lot of solidarity between women, but I see that the wickedness is mostly for women …. Perhaps the ‘envy” . In the meantime this evening, new revelations will be broadcast during Striscia la Notizia … all ready? Also Barbara d’Urso in this regard, said during the afternoon 5 that the “sector” Island will be investigated tomorrow.(Update by Valentina Gambino)


Nel corso della nuova puntata di Domenica Live, oltre ad Eva Henger era presente in studio anche Cecilia Capriotti. L’attrice ha detto la sua a proposito dello spinoso “canna-gate”, affermando di non trovare assolutamente la showgirl bugiarda ma di contro, non può dichiarare di aver visto fumare Francesco Monte della marijuana. Di contro, Cecilia ha specificato che Eva avrebbe denunciato il fatto ancor prima della diretta della seconda puntata dell’Isola. La donna poi, ha anche rivelato che le telecamere avrebbero ripreso tutto. Ma non finisce qui. Secondo la Capriotti infatti, il buon Monte avrebbe saputo anticipatamente della denuncia dell’ex attrice. “Poco prima della diretta, quando il gruppo si è riunito, ho avvertito Francesco di quello che era successo nella nostra Isola e lui sapeva già tutto”, ha raccontato Cecilia Capriotti. “Io con i miei occhi non ho visto la canna” ha però ribadito l’ex naufraga e quindi, in funzione di questo, non può sostenere appieno il punto di vista di Eva. “La seconda settimana siamo stati sulla stessa Isola e lui era provato. Era molto preoccupato per il papà e il fratello”, ha continuato la Capriotti. (Update by Valentina Gambino)


Eva Henger tells the truth, this at least is what happened yesterday during Sunday Live, after the truth machine. Despite the anxiety and the tension, his answers were truthful and just next week, the same thing should happen to Nadia, Cecilia and Craig. Here someone lies and to find out who he is, “strong manners” are needed. Although we have tried on more than one occasion to put aside the “cane-gate” of the island, we always come back to talk about this thing. Here are the questions and answers to follow Eve: “Did you see the competitors smoking something that was not tobacco?” “Yes.” (The lie says that the answer is true). “There are other competitors Island of the Famous who can confirm this testimony? “” Yes “. (The truth machine says the answer is true). “Is it true that you had already mentioned this problem before directing the Island of the Famous?”. “Yup”. (The truth machine says the answer is true). “Are there any competitors returned from Honduras who lied about each other?” “Yes, everyone” (The machine of truth says the answer is true). “Is it true that you raised the problem of reeds for a vengeance against Francesco Monte?”. “No”. (The truth machine says the answer is true). “Have you ever told a lie in your version of the facts?” “No”. (The truth machine says the answer is true).(Update by Valentina Gambino)

The Red Tea Detox


Eva Henger is ready to defend herself in court. Francesco Monte, after withdrawing from the Island of the Famous 2018, has announced the will to defend himself against Eva Henger’s accusations in the appropriate offices. At the microphones of the weekly Vero, Henger announces to be ready for the legal battle. “I’m not afraid of the truth and a court that should be the place to celebrate it. I know how to defend myself, who to call and what to show if it were to serve, “ said Eva. At her side, ready to support her, is her husband Massimiliano who, in Vero, explained:”There will be the study of the lawyer Musco to protect us. It was immediately activated for the good of Eve and then, allow me, the courts are not those of the Inquisition. Eva has no scarlet letter imprinted on fire. We will demonstrate together how things went and, if so, it is not said that we will not be bringing others to court, including Monte “. So will Eva Henger and Francesco Mone meet again soon in court? Click here to see the post (update by Stella Dibenedetto).


The fans of Francesco Monte ask to invalidate the test of the truth machine that Eva Henger has submitted during the episode of Sunday Live broadcast yesterday. To prove to everyone that he had not lied and always told the truth, Henger agreed to submit to the test that was proposed by Barbara D’Urso giving ten true answers to as many questions. A result that would confirm the thesis supported so far by Henger but the fans of Monte, on social networks, are clamoring to invalidate the test. The reason? During the test of the truth machine, Barbara D’Urso would have called the Henger Mercedesz and not Eva. The latter, however, to correct it, would have answered the question quietly and then gave a positive answer. For fans of the former tronista it would be proof of the fact that the truth machine is not reliable at the center percent. Will it really be like that? Both Eva Henger and her daughter Mercedesz, as revealed by the Bitchyf portal, questioned the matter, sent back the accusations (update by Stella Dibenedetto).


Eva Henger, this afternoon, on Sunday Live, underwent the truth machine to put an end to the cannagate that has attracted millions of viewers, loyalists of the Island of the Famous. The device has a 93% reliability and is used widely in the United States while in Europe, and in particular, in Italy has no legal value. Here are the results in detail: the former shipwreck confirmed that he saw some competitors smoke something that is not tobacco; other islanders can confirm his thesis; raised the theme before direct; some of his adventurous comrades back in Italy lied about smoking (adding everyone); in private, however, someone has confirmed his version of the facts; he did not put his finger on Francesco Monte to take revenge on the nomination just a week after his arrival in Honduras; He never told a lie in the details provided outside the Channel 5 program studies. Criminal Ezio Denti confirmed that the machine was clear, showed some particular emotions when it was agitated, and the reality of the facts. The heart has not given negative answers, the sweating a lot, which detects the agitation of a person. (Sebastiano Cascone update) The heart has not given negative answers, the sweating a lot, which detects the agitation of a person. (Sebastiano Cascone update) The heart has not given negative answers, the sweating a lot, which detects the agitation of a person. (Sebastiano Cascone update)


Eva Henger , during Sunday’s live episode , underwent the truth machineas regards, obviously, the Canna-gate unleashed after his accusations against Francesco Monte. Following the order of the questions to which he replied, Eva Henger reiterated that she saw competitors smoking something that was not mere tobacco and that there would be other competitors ready to confirm this version of it. Eva Henger reiterated that she had posed the problem of drugs even before the famous direct and stated that all the competitors who had returned to Italy lied about each other. The Hungarian showgirl also reiterated that some competitor, in private, would have confirmed her version. Eva Henger added that she had not accused Francesco Monte only for revenge after his nomination. The showgirl ended her session at the truth machine, reiterating that she never told a lie. The truth machine confirmed Eva Henger’s statements: all her answers were recorded as true. (Update by Fabio Morasca)


Eva Henger , during the debate dedicated to the Island of the Famous that opened today’s episode of Domenica Live , spoke about the recording of the private conversation between Massimiliano Caroletti , her husband, and Chiara Nasti, aired during a recent episode of Striscia la Notizia. These were his declarations: “No one who leaves the island, apparently, does not want to get into this affair.” Massimiliano Caroletti asked Chiara Nasti everything that happened: who recorded the conversation and what do I know? My husband, if he had had the registration, would have let her talk out immediately, without making me slaughter. ” Manuela Villa, present in the parterre of the columnists, was very critical of Henger: “I would never be able to trust you because you would be capable of everything”. Eva Henger reiterated that Massimiliano Caroletti did not personally record that conversation: “He was not my husband because Massimiliano and Chiara were not alone”.


Chiara Nasti has confirmed the version of Eva Henger, the only one who did it. These are the first words of Barbara d’Urso during the Sunday Live promo. This afternoon, there will be a new face to face starring Eva Henger and Nadia Rinaldi. They will also be joined by Cecilia Capriotti and Craig Warwick who, after initially taking a step forward in favor of the blonde showgirl, then confessed they had not seen anyone smoking. In addition, the Henger in the studio by the National Carmelite, will bring unequivocal evidence – according to him – here are his words: “Hello Barbara, Sunday I will bring you a vocal sound that I arrived on WhatsApp with another person who confirms my version “. Valerio Staffelli and Max Laudadio have asked d’Urso to intervene on the thorny issue because, as anticipated by Henger, there would be someone else who would support his version. Finally, the former pornstar decided to submit to the truth machine. All this is much more happening today on Sunday Live with Barbara d’Urso.(Update by Valentina Gambino)


Eva Henger as well as talking about the “cane-gate”, also tells details of the private of Francesco Monte. This happened during “It will not happen again”, radio program that saw her among the protagonists for an in-depth interview. The last meeting between Francesco and Cecilia, for example, would not take place only between talk and explanations. According to the porn star, among them, something more: “they did not make love but … she is now happily engaged with Ignazio Moser and when two people leave after so many years, when they see each other again, it’s always difficult for both of them. , there are cries together, tenderness together … “The presenter asks if there could have been a kiss between them and with an” ambiguous “little smile, the showgirl preferred not to answer, but Ignazio Moser, he has not been affected by these things and indeed, responding to a hater on Instagram, he explained that with Cecilia everything is fine, testifying that he does not believe the last rumors turned on their account. What will be the next scoop of Henger? This afternoon could be among the guests on Sunday Live so we await new twists. (Update by Valentina Gambino)


The cane-gate, the scandal that has swept the Island of the Famous 2018 after the revelations of Eva Henger on Francesco Monte, is destined to continue. A conviction that emerges clearly after the latest statements by the former pornstar a Più will not happen, a radio program hosted by Giada Di Miceli on Radio Radio. The Czech woman, interviewed on the subject in Honduras, said: “My complaint was not so much for consumption as for the introduction that endangered our freedom, in which this crime is punishable by imprisonment. In the contract there is a clause that says it is strictly forbidden to introduce drugs on the island “. But Eva, after all the ruckus that broke out after her statements, would do it all again? “I would not have said live but I would have come back and I would have said everything to Mediaset and Magnolia”. Yeah, but meanwhile in the cauldron are ending other names: for example, Marco Ferri has smoked like Francesco Monte?


What has surprised about this reed-gate of the Island of the Famous is that no castaway has confirmed the version of Eva Henger. The former porn star in the program No longer will be said to be particularly amazed by the position of Craig Warwick, who in Honduras had guaranteed his support but in Milan has pulled back. But there’s more, talking to Nadia Rinaldi and Cecilia Capriotti, Henger said, it has emerged that to the other shipwrecked “the message has arrived notice that Eva has made an own goal, anyone who would have supported my thesis would have had problems “. But let’s move on, let’s move on to another burning issue: how much is it true that Marco Ferri would have smoked like Francesco Monte? Henger’s reply only reinforces doubts: “I do not want to say anything.

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