German instructor accused of indoctrinating students with Nazi ideology

February 13, 2018

A small German town was shocked to learn that an instructor at a local vocational school has allegedly been spreading Nazi ideology among his students. The man reportedly encouraged the trainees to learn Nazi songs and slogans.

The scandal broke after a student at the college in the Bavarian town of Dietfurt an der Altmuehl secretly filmed the instructor encouraging the students, some of whom were underage, to shout Nazi slogans and sing Nazi songs banned in Germany. The video taken in late January was obtained by police.

The footage allegedly shows a group of students sitting together with the instructor in the college billiard hall, drinking beer and smoking. The instructor begins asking the students about their places of birth and then urges them to shout Nazi slogans, according to Bavarian Radio, which obtained parts of the video.

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