Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

He said he had won cancer with the vegan diet, but died

Texan Youtuber Mari Lopez had hundreds of thousands of views

He said he had beaten cancer with the vegan diet, but died of cancer © ANSA

She had become famous on YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of views, claiming she was cured of breast cancer only because of the vegan diet and faith, but she died of cancer. It’s the story of Mari Lopez, a Houston woman who ran the channel ‘Liz and Mari’ together with her niece.
In the videos, Mari claims that a 90-day juice-based diet “removed inflammation from the body”, healing it from an advanced breast cancer that was diagnosed in 2015, stating that the new diet, which would have been inspired directly by God, he had also “healed from homosexuality”. The news of his death was the niece in a video that reveals that she died last December after the cancer had spread to the lungs, liver and blood, despite a late cycle of chemo and radio. In fact, according to Liz, her aunt would have died because she would have abandoned the vegan diet and would have turned to ‘traditional medicine’. What the vegan diet can heal from cancer is a rather common hoax,

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