How to Rekindle Love With Your Husband

April 11, 2018

Was your divorce a mistake? Have you thought about how to get your ex-husband back, maybe wondering if you can rekindle his love for you? It can be done but if you do not know this secret you have a high probability of failure.

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Young or old, one of the women is looking for help to get your ex-husband back? Many of us marry young only to find that things are not what we expect, they do not work and marriage ends in divorce.

It may be that even if the marriage was a bit premature, perhaps even divorce. In our world of instant gratification it should not be a surprise. And often these things do not change even with age.

A young woman said that her husband of just a couple of years thought he was too young for a meaningful relationship. His idea was that each of them had their own space and mature, when perhaps he just wanted to spend some time with the boys.

Her hope was that she could bring her ex-husband back to rekindle her love for her, but she, like many, had no idea how to proceed. He realized that there was still potential for them and that he needed to take the initiative.

My advice for you was the same as it would have been for you if you wanted to get your ex-husband back. Reigniting his love for you is a way to start, but it is likely to end in failure if you do not know the secret.

This girl had already made the mistake of trying to call him, send him a message and “shout” at him on every occasion. It was a mistake that he learned in his own way. He found it simply annoying.

At that point, what he had to do was this, and see if it also applies to you:

1) Leave it alone. Exactly, no phone calls, no text messages, stay out of his face and space. If you have a child together, there is obviously a mandatory contact, but leave it alone.

2) Let me call you. Maybe it’s just to ask you to come and get something that’s left you there and he wants it to be gone, but that can still be an opportunity, do not miss it.

Once you have a legitimate opportunity to be together, no matter how short, do not take it lightly. Take the time to make sure you look your best.

I do not care what he ever told you, he does not want to see you in your comfortable pair of sweatshirts! Wearing something nice, fix your hair, put a hint of perfume and for heaven’s sake make up.

That said, do not stay welcome. Smile, be polite, take the object that you wanted you to come and then go away. Let him want more.

If this sounds like the beginning of a winning plan, do not stop now. We have a strategy that will give you the best chance you can have to get your ex-husband back, rekindle his love and enjoy a life of happiness.

I do not promise that everything will be easy, but we have the resources of sending, help and answers you need to be able to understand all this. Read our other articles on relationship advice at

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