Published On: Sun, Mar 11th, 2018

“I stopped eating salad and I’ve never felt so good in my life”

An American journalist tells how she tested and discovered that lettuce, rocket and the like were practically “killing” her.

Eating salad is considered in the collective imaginary the healthiest way to feed and keep fit. It is almost a dogma, something indisputable. Yet the concept salad is good is not so obvious and if you have the feeling that after eating it there is something wrong, but you attribute it to the small chocolate that you ate stealthily after lunch, this story could also cover you. Telling her about Business Insider is an American journalist, Joanna Fantozzi, who like most of us has a habit of having quick meal during her lunch break. And often this meal is a creative salad. Joanna wrote an article just to say that in her life she never had problems with the salad until, a few months ago, for something that has changed in her body, she did not start to feel swollen and uncomfortable after having it eaten. So much to have problems with the jeans of the usual size.

Joanna found herself spending the afternoon in the newsroom opening and closing the zip of her pants because she felt the belly swollen to death. A familiar feeling? In the end, in order not to throw away all the wardrobe (which, among other things, he used to dress well before lunch) he had solved wearing wide t-shirts that hid the open flap. Joanna found this very unfair because after eating lunch like a bird you expect a prize from fate, not a humiliation. “Instead,” he says, “I looked at myself in the mirror in lingerie and being very thin, I could seem to be put on a weight of 5 kg in one day, to go back as before the day after”. He suspected that he suffered from some allergy or intolerance, and began to keep a sort of “swelling diary”. The days on which you could hear a hot-air balloon were marked on the diary, and you wrote down what you had eaten. And he had the confirmation: it only happened if he ate the lettuce and his like.

With a minimum of research among experts (and confirmation by a dietician named Grace Derocha) he discovered that the difficulty in digesting raw vegetables is more widespread than one might imagine. The fault lies with the large amount of cellulose fibers they contain, and which can inflame the intestines of some individuals. But completely eliminating fiber from food is not a good idea, given their great importance in the prevention of intestinal tumors. Joanna has thus changed her eating habits : “I have increased the protein intake of fish and lean meats, and I draw the fiber requirement from the brown rice boiled and cooked vegetables “. Technically speaking, an enzyme produced naturally by our body is needed to digest cellulose, which in some people is lacking or scarce in particular periods of life. Or at some point it disappears forever. Joanna Fantozzi’s dietician has added advice to avoid nutrient deficiencies of fresh vegetables, such as vitamins. Eat those with few fibers or with pro-biotic properties. These include: leeks, apples, kiwis, garlic and onion . The last two, we add, when you are certain, but just certain, not to have to hunt for the prince charming.

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