Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

IDA, RICCARDO AND THE PHOTOS HOT OF DONATELLA / Men and Women, who is the woman who put them in crisis

Ida Platano, Riccardo Maria Guarnieri and the hot photos of Donatella Lopar. Men and women, who is the woman who has put them in crisis. The latest news after the episode of the Throne Over

Ida Platano

Donatella Lopar, this is the name of the woman who has put in crisis the relationship between Ida Platano and Riccardo Maria Guarnieri of Men and Women. In the last episode, Idea revealed that he had found some hot photos on Riccardo’s phone, then he clarified that it was Donatella’s own. Also, he would have caught the pugliese to send Donatella’s photos to a friend. Ida has stressed the fact that it is decidedly hot photos, in which a female backside with a skimpy thong was visible. Lopar, on the other hand, explained that it is a picture that he usually shares on social media. In fact, they were published on Instagram, as long as they are all those referred to by Ida ( you can see them by clicking here). However, Donatella is a personal trainer, so on her profile there are shots related to her work as an athletic trainer. In addition, he explained that he received the same photos from Riccardo in response, but the man specified that he had sent them for professional advice. (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)


New problems for Ida and Riccardoin the study of Men and Women. The two sit in the center of the studio in the new episode of the Throne Over and come to the clash when we get to talk about photos that the knight has on his phone. These are hot photos, décolleté and b-sides that eventually turn out to be Donatella, another lady that Riccardo is attending. Ida is furious, especially when he discovers that he also sent Donatella photos: “You told me that you had not sent any photos, you’re a great liar” the lady says. Meanwhile, the public is on the side of Ida, and writes: “He’s right, I’m Riccardo, he only wants to go to bed for me!”; and again, “From Sossio to Riccardo, you have gone from the pan to the embers, run away until you are on time”. But the story is destined to continue … (Update by Anna Montesano)


Today Ida and Riccardo will be at the center of the study of Men and Women. In recent episodes there was a long pull and spring between the two protagonists of the throne over: the knight of Taranto had challenged the attendance of the lady with Sossio and Angelo, while the dame of Brescia has always had doubts about Riccardo due of the shy way with which he answered questions about his past. The misunderstandings had prompted Riccardo to meet other women, including Donatella. Things have not improved between them: Riccardo says the situation has worsened and Ida claims that the knight is trying to push her away but does not know how to tell him. He would like more concrete demonstrations, while Ida remembers the episode of the photos depicting a woman he was exchanging while he was in the car with her, with a friend. The lady from Brescia is willing to give Riccardo another chance,


Donatella, accused of being the woman in the photos, points out that she is seeing herself with Tomas, who criticizes Riccardo by calling him false. Ida, after having known that Riccardo has sent some photos to Donatella asking her an esthetic opinion, returns to the place giving a liar to the knight, who gets angry with Donatella. The lady of Brescia, however, must send down another bitter bite: for the rider comes a new suitor, Mrs. Tina but has changed his mind about the rider after aber saw what just happened. Ida leaves the studio and Angelo asks to be able to reach her. Gianni Sperti criticizes the attitude of Riccardo who decides to reach Ida behind the scenes, where the discussion between the two continues …

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