Never pay for overpriced wine that you will not like again

April 12, 2018

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If you’re like me, you love wine, but you can not say which bottle you’ll like the most by looking at the label. Among the many wines I tried, I only found a tip worthy of having it again. So I end up with a $ 10 bottle that tastes good and does the trick in terms of a good evening buzz, rather than spending $ 20 + on a bottle that is a gamble.

When I got tired of the same bottles I drank regularly, I took Google to find reviews of the best wines, but I did not like much of what was appreciated by reviewers. Then, in more recent research, I found reviewers who were buzzing on Tasting Room, the nation’s fastest growing wine club. The innovative service gives you informed wine recommendations based on your experiences with the bottles in their exclusive tasting kit and sends the wine directly to your home.

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It turns out, when buying wine in a retail store, it is usually marked 2-3 times by importers, distributors and retailers by the time you drink it. Tasting Room eliminates these average men to save you up to 60%. So you’re only paying for the high quality wine you guarantee you’ll like, or they’ll send you another bottle to replace anything you do not like.

When you sign up, you will receive your tasting kit with six different mini bottles that you can taste and evaluate – just like a wine tasting tour from the comfort of your sofa. Receive the kit, access the site and you are guided through an interactive wine tasting where you can click on the wines that you liked the most. Based on this process, Tasting Room creates your own wine profile – a simple guide that illustrates the type of reds and whites you like best. This guide gives you information about the wine you like, how the regions they come from and which foods to pair with. They will let you know if you prefer something more fruitful or dry or maybe both, even if you could not say originally for yourself!

The profiles are nice and full of useful information, but the best part is the wine that follows. Shortly after evaluating the wines in the tasting kit, you will receive a pack of 12 bottles of different wine to match your tastes. Get a box of wine as many times as you want for less than $ 13 a bottle. You can choose shipping dates and change the frequency as needed, so you always have the right wine at your fingertips.

The best wine is the wine you like best and there is no other way to know which one you like the most. Tasting Room we try before buying with their exclusive tasting kit and supports each bottle with a guarantee of satisfaction. It’s worth less than $ 10 to participate, which gives you your tasting kit, and you can cancel it at any time.


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