April 14, 2018


When Nike and NBA formalized their partnership earlier this year, both brands focused on bringing change to the game day.

With the introduction of uniform editions, Nike and NBA have shaken tradition. Rather than falling at home, away from home or in alternative conventions, each edition has a purpose: to celebrate elements of the 30 franchises of the league.

Nike Phila Unite Mantra T-shirts

After the revelation of the Association, Icon and Statement editions, Nike unveils the fourth uniform category, The City Edition. These projects honor the fans – those who, 41 times a year, go on pilgrimage to their local arena and whose passions help define the identity of each respective team.

The Nike NBA City Edition uniforms represent insights and emotions from the courtyard to the upper deck on the streets of the city, looking for a unique way to capture each team and its city in a way that respects the past and the present of the clubs, while also positioning them for the future.

The following is an in-depth look at some of the City Edition’s uniforms for this season.


Since the 1960s, the Lakers have pushed countless celebrity athletes, each of them helping to gather the city around purple and gold. With this in mind, the franchise has transformed City Edition designs to honor some of its most famous players as part of the “Lore series”.

Kobe Bryant is the first Laker legend to inspire the team’s City Edition design. The uniform features a signature of the Black Mamba and LA / 24 print on the belt buckle. The winning tradition of the organization is indicated by the inclusion of 16 stars in the side panels of the uniform to represent each NBA championship won by the Lakers.


Since 1957, the Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA titles, more than any other team in the league. Regardless of one of the biggest dominant men in the game, a “legend” of sharp shooting or a clutch marker that has always called the “truth”, the Boston Celtics define the word “dynasty”. While Boston has seen many different leaders and legends, all the success of the franchise took place under one roof. The parquet floor of “The Garden” has become synonymous with green and Celtic white.

The uniform of the Celtics City Edition pays tribute to this unique wooden floor and man has had the merit of having started the dynasty, Red Auerbach. The belt buckle is accentuated by the iconic banner design to match the crowded beams of the TD Garden and highlights the latest Celtics NBA Championship in 2008. The gray, unit color, was incorporated into the uniform for point to the large base of regional fans spread New England who gathers behind the Celtics year in and out.


It is safe to say that the basketball gods have smiled on the Golden State Warriors. The franchise has thrived more than any other club in recent years, thanks to a trainer with a championship pedigree and a collection of new age stars.

The proud inhabitants of Oakland, the Warriors have represented the entire Bay Area since their arrival on the west coast in 1962. The transfer of the Warriors coincided with the birth of the Chinatown of San Francisco, a population that brought diversity to the city and quickly grew in size and impact – and is a central influence for the team’s City Edition uniform, which pays tribute to the Chinese culture in the Bay Area and to the icons of prosperity. The Chinese characters for prosperity are proudly positioned on the belt buckle, while the chest logo combines the Golden Gate Bridge and the classic Chinese symbolism. The detail of the suspension bridge is shared with the other uniform editions of the club.


The Cleveland Cavaliers represent what hard work can achieve. Inspired by the pride and spirit of an entire community, the team is united by an all-for-one-for-all attitude to protect and “defend the land” and its home court together.

For over 75 years, the iconic sandstone sculptures of the giant “Guardians of Transport” have guarded the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland to protect travelers entering and leaving the city. The side panels of the Cavaliers City Edition uniform represent the Guardians but with a specific turn for the team: the Cavs shield logo is inserted as the head of each sculpture. A further graphic inspiration of the Guardian robes and a belt buckle with the silhouette of the state of Ohio symbolize the stature of the team as a regional protector. If these characteristics are not clear enough, “The Land” is emblazoned on the chest to offer a direct tribute to the entire north-eastern area of ​​Ohio.


Milwaukee is defined by two things: the cold winters that roll from the edge of Lake Michigan and the brick of Cream City, formed by the clay found in the Menomonee river valley. While the latter is a hallmark of local architecture, the former is responsible for promoting the unique determination and determination of its population. The current city Bucks, young, ambitious and appropriately idiosyncratic, know that these characteristics are fundamental to their success.

Just like the characteristic clay is the foundation on which Milwaukee was built, color is the basis for the uniform of the Bucks Cream City Edition. The uniform draws further chromatic inspiration from the complete range of the city and the surrounding region. The cream-colored rainbow pattern brings the fusion of the urban landscape, with a green ode to the lush landscapes of Wisconsin and a blue that pays homage to Milwaukee’s etymological designation as a water-gathering place on the front line. You can not escape the Buck’s head with pride on the shirt, while a silhouette of the state of Wisconsin appears on the belt strap. All the elements combine to honor the hardworking and passionate fans who have supported the team since 1968.


The Memphis Grizzlies, who revealed their City Edition uniforms as part of their Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration earlier this month, will be one of the first teams to wear their uniform on the field when they face the Los Angeles Lakers January 15th, the birthday of the civil rights icon.

All 30 NBA teams will receive a new City Edition uniform every year, with influences from a myriad of places, but always focused on the fans and the city that support them. As you will see from the complete line below, each team’s uniform honors an important part of their lineage.

Atlanta Hawks
The Atlanta Hawks City Edition uniform pays tribute to the city’s rich past by looking to the future. Asymmetrical lines and volitional accents hint at the uniforms of the team of the ’70s, while design and character take inspiration from the city’s cutting-edge music scene.

Boston Celtics
The uniform of the Celtics City Edition pays tribute to the club’s unique parquet floor and the man is credited with starting his winning legacy, Red Auerbach. The belt buckle is accentuated by the iconic design of the banner to match the crowded beams of the TD Garden and highlights the latest Celtics NBA Championship in 2008.

Brooklyn Nets
The Brooklyn Bridge is more than one street; it is a life line that connects committed and diverse communities. With a graphical wiring diagram inspired by the steel cables of the bridge and the mantra (“Brooklyn Unite”) written on the Jock tag, the uniform of the Nets City Edition celebrates the bridge that the team has built with its fans and its neighbors.

Charlotte Hornets
Like their namesake, the Charlotte Hornets come together and work hard. The uniform City Edition of the franchise presents a pattern inspired by the hives, colors that imitate the iridescent hornet wasps and the team’s anthem (“Enter the Swarm”) above the jock tag.

Chicago Bulls
The Chicago city flag and the Bulls logo have become iconic symbols of grandeur in one of America’s most famous cities. The uniform of the Bulls City Edition brings together the pride of the city and its strong history to create a legendary look for one of the most historic teams in the NBA.

Cleveland Caveliers
The Cavaliers City Edition uniform symbolizes the protection of the Earth by referring to a landmark in the city: the gigantic “Guardians of Transport” sculptures guarding the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland.

Dallas Mavericks
Only in Dallas you will feel the energy that the skyline of the center brings to its Dallas. Marked by the neon glow on letters, numbers and piping, the new Mavs City Edition jersey reflects the boldness of Big D and the liveliness of Dallas nights.

Denver Nuggets
More than a mile above sea level, the altitude of Denver is a unique challenge for opponents. The design of the uniform Nuggets City Edition is inspired by their height and features golden metallic accents to symbolize the refinement in the journey of the club to new heights.

Detroit Pistons
The Detroit Pistons City Edition uniform features chrome details and sleek design lines that create a clean, modern look for these sweaters and shorts inspired by the car. Motor City is clearly visible on the chest and a D logo on the belt is a sign of the team’s return to the city and represents the civic pride of the fan base.

Golden State Warriors
The Warriors City Edition uniform pays tribute to Chinese culture in the Bay Area. The Chinese characters for prosperity are proudly positioned on the belt buckle, while the chest logo combines the Golden Gate Bridge and the classic Chinese symbolism.

Indiana Pacers
The uniform City Edition of the Indiana Pacers uniform is inspired by the rich tradition of motor racing in Indiana. The checkerboard flag and the finish line come to life at the front of the shirt, and the player’s number imitates the numbers on the classic racing cars.

Los Angeles clippers
To commemorate the fortieth season since the team moved to California, the uniform of the LA Clippers City Edition celebrates the history of the team in San Diego with colors and nautical details inspired by the era.

Los Angeles Lakers
The uniforms of the City Edition of the Los Angeles Lakers will pay tribute to the legends in franchising. The first athlete honored by the club, Kobe Bryant, refers to a Black Mamba print that forms the basis of design.

Memphis Grizzlies
The uniform is inspired by the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike slogan “I Am A Man” and reflects on the events, circumstances and losses surrounding the movement, including the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Milwaukee Bucks
The uniform of the Bucks City Edition draws its base color Milwaukee, the famous Cream City bricks. With a Buck head proudly displayed on the shirt and the silhouette of the Wisconsin state on the belt buckle, the whole look serves as a celebration for hard-working and passionate fans.

Minnesota Timberwolves
The Minnesota Timberwolves City Edition uniform follows the theme of “Bold North”. The primary color celebrates the winter tonal gray coat of the wolf, while the white imitates the snow-covered earth that is the north. The color allows the wolf to reflect the surrounding environment and to be a predator at the apex while camouflaging and protecting the wolf, which is the reflection of the “new era” of Timberwolves basketball – hungry and determined to break through and establish a winning culture .

Pelicans from New Orleans
The uniform of the New Orleans Pelicans City Edition celebrates the vibrant life of NOLA during the Mardi Gras. The bold colors represent power, faith and justice, while the “dancing” numbers reproduce the energy of the city. The neckline is inspired by the classic ducal decoration of Carnival. These uniforms are worn only during the Carnival season.

Oklahoma City Thunder
The logo and colors of this City Edition uniform symbolize the style of play of Oklahoma City Thunder – fast, bold and dynamic. Family sunset and blue twist around the jersey to represent the arrival of a storm and the forces of nature that exist both on and off the field.

Orlando Magic
The edges of light that surround our universe reveal a vastness greater than our imagination. Emblematic of the desire to get more, the uniform of the Orlando Magic City Edition is the will to break the boundaries, push our outer borders and find something bigger than ourselves. Go higher. Go farther. Go deeper Be without limits.

Philadelphia 76ers
This uniform from the Philadelphia 76ers City Edition celebrates American freedom with a basic color inspired by parchment paper and a script that reproduces the original Declaration of Independence. The “76” on the shorts nods at the bi-centennial celebration held in Philadelphia.

Phoenix Suns
The Phoenix Suns City Edition uniform pays special tribute to the community’s Hispanic heritage that the Suns proudly represented for 50 years. The “Los Suns” uniform features Phoenix purple shades and the back of the shirt includes a design detail inspired by the Phoenix constellation.

Portland Trailblazers
The Portland Trail Blazers City Edition uniform features a checked pattern inspired by the legendary Jack Ramsay’s unique wardrobe and historical trends in Northwest fashion. The Rip City mantra proudly represents the community, the culture and the fans, while the city’s flag has a creative influence on red graphic embellishments.

Sacramento Kings
Inspired by the 1985 baby blue uniforms, the new City Edition design blends our historic past with our bright future. The new uniform features the beloved baby blue and red, with the emblem of the lion preferred by fans on the blazon. The uniform City Edition marks the first time that this logo is present in the uniforms of the team.

San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs City Edition uniform honors the military and servicemen of the United States armed forces. With a camouflage print that pays homage to the US Army’s combat uniform, the jerseys show the pride of San Antonio in the nickname of Military City USA.

Utah Jazz
The cascading colors of this Utah Jazz City Edition uniform are inspired by the natural beauty of its home state with the famous red rock formations, stunning arches and breathtaking canyon lands. The sides of the jersey represent the roads to venture with the routes from Salt Lake City to southern Utah.

Washington Wizards
The Washington Wizards City Edition uniform celebrates the District of Columbia and the team of our capital. It features a marble motif on the side panels from the Washington Monument and a blunt effect on the numbers reminiscent of the iconic Washington D.C.

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