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Review of Costco Travel

Costco Travel is a free advantage for all the Costco benefits that offer travel discounts. While many travelers prefer to book directly from the travel provider to get the best deals, Costco Travel can save you money. In this Costco Travel review, you’ll find out how you can get more from your Costco subscription when you travel.

Costco executive members Get a 2% bonus
Costco offers two different subscription plans, Gold Star for $ 60 per year and Gold Star Executive for $ 120 per year.

Both plans give you access to Costco Travel, but you will enjoy a 2% rebate bonus as an executive member for your first $ 50,000 in Costco and Costco Travel’s annual purchases. If you maximize the bonus, you get a $ 1,000 certificate to spend on any purchase of Costco or Costco Travel in the following year of registration.

If you are currently a Costco base member, upgrading to the Executive Plan may be worth it if you spend at least $ 3,000 in combined purchases to earn a $ 60 credit. This can easily be done by booking your next vacation package with Costco Travel.

Prizes are even better if you pay for all your purchases with Costco’s credit card. However, you may lose some valuable travel protection benefits that other travel prizes offer for credit cards.

Two of the best reasons to use Costco Travel
If you plan to rent a car or take a cruise, go first to Costco Travel. It is difficult for the other booking sites to compete with Costco’s prices and services.

Costco Travel Cruises

It is possible to book a cruise with one of the main transatlantic routes through Costco Travel. Their prices are as competitive as if you were booking directly through the cruise line or from a third-party booking site like Expedia or Priceline.

You can find some routes to be cheaper by about $ 300 than other third-party travel agencies. However, the real “secret sauce” for Costco Travel cruises is their offer to earn:

  • Credits on board for food and drinks
  • Costco credit cards
  • In some cases, Costco Travel’s on-board credits are higher than those offered directly through the cruise line.
  • Costco could offer $ 75 in grocery claims instead of the $ 50 standard from the cruise line.

The dollar value of the credit card depends on which cabin you book and other travel agencies rarely offer equivalent credits. These credit cards are “free money” and indirectly reduce the total cost of the cruise once you redeem them on future Costco purchases.

The easiest way to locate Costco cruise credits and credit card opportunities is to click on the Firkland Signature category.

Rental car
Booking a rental car is quite buzzy because most sites offer the same daily rate. Usually, you book a car through the site that offers most of the purchase prizes or offers the best advantages for the protection of the rental car.

The booking process of the rental car is different with Costco Travel because the daily rates are among the lowest available online. And if you’re planning to have an additional driver, Costco Travel waives the extra driver fees.

One of the only catches is that you can only book from the following car rental agencies:

If you are planning to book from one of these four agencies, Costco Travel almost always offers the best rate. But you can find a lower rate when using a discounted car rental agency when it is available.

Do not forget to book your rental car with a premium travel credit card to take advantage of the main coverage to cover the damage caused by collision of the car that pays the cash value of the rental car if your car suffers a theft or collision damage.

Holiday packages

What would an online travel agency be without holiday packages?

As with any travel agency, you need to browse through offers and traps by comparing the package to book separately each travel purchase.

Costco Travel specializes in the following holiday package themes:

  • Theme parks
  • United States
  • Hawaii
  • Oceania
  • Mexico
  • The Caribbean and Costa Rica
  • Europe
  • South Africa and Botswana

Guided tour
Believe it or not, the only way to book a flight with Costco Travel is to purchase a holiday package. When choosing a package, you have the option to book with or without a flight. This can actually work to your advantage if you can use frequent flyer miles to book a flight award for less than the cash value.

Perhaps because these two types of packages are the most popular, but the Costco Travel Hawaii and Them Park packages are the most competitive as a whole. If you are planning a trip to Disney or Hawaii, take a look at Costco Travel.

You should also look at holiday packages for other destinations, but you will not find valid offers.

Costco Travel allows you to book hotel nights at any Hyatt or Hilton hotel.

To stay in a non-Hyatt or non-Hilton property, you need to book a vacation package. Hyatt and Hilton are two respectable brands that guarantee a clean and luxurious stay, but it is probably best to book the hotel night directly at the hotel, unless you prefer the Costco prizes to hotel award points with hotel cards in the world of Hyatt or Hilton Cobrand.

If you’re a Hilton Honors or a World of Hyatt member, you’ll still earn loyalty points if you book through Costco Travel. If you’re booking with a cash prizes card or a flexible travel rewards card, you’ll earn your loyalty points for the hotel plus applicable credit card prizes, so it’s a win-win solution.

Here are some reasons why it is worth taking a look at Costco Travel:

  • Book a cruise or rental car
  • Hawaii vacation packages or theme park
  • Executive members can earn a 2% year-end bonus

Costco Travel is a competitive travel agency. It probably makes no sense to join Costco exclusively for their travel discounts, but you can easily recover the cost of a basic $ 60 subscription when choosing the right cruise or vacation package.


  • It is not possible to book flights unless you are buying a holiday package
  • It can only hire cars from four car rental agencies
  • Costco Travel has a lot to offer, but it is still preferable to book directly from the airline or from the hotel.

Conclusion on Costco Travel
Costco Travel can be really valuable for cruises and rental cars. Considering that you will probably not use your travel reward points for any of these travel expenses, Costco Travel will save you money and the savings justify your annual fee. There are good opportunities to find in each category and you will be rewarded even more if you are an executive member and also have the Costco credit card.

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