Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Russian spy, May accuses Moscow: “Clarify within 24 hours”

The Russian Foreign Ministry: “A circus show”. But the US Secretary of State, Tillerson, goes the extra mile: “There will be retaliation”

Russian spy, May accuses Moscow: "Clarify within 24 hours"

LONDON – “Highly probable that it was Russia”. Theresa Maydoes not make words: the British premier accuses Moscow for the nerve gas poisoning of former double Russian spy Sergej Skripal and daughter Yulia in Salisbury, the town in the south of England where dozens more people are remained infected, hundreds are now advised to wash clothes and things, and all the inhabitants live in panic.

Examined by the British military laboratories, the substance used for the attack results to belong to a group of nerve gases called Novichok and produced in Russia.“There are two possibilities at this point,” says the conservative leader: whether it is a direct action ordered by the Kremlin or that the Kremlin has “lost control” of its chemical arsenals, thus allowing others to use the gas in question . Boris Johnson

Reporting on the matter to the House of Commons, May announced that the foreign minister has summoned the Russian ambassador to Britain, asking him to respond to government questions and clarify what happened “within 24 hours”. Depending on the response from Moscow, on Wednesday the premier will return to Parliament to announce her decisions, stating that she is ready to take “large measures” to respond to the use of non-conventional weapons in British territory. “If the ambassador’s explanations do not appear credible to us”, concludes the leader of the Tories, “we will have to conclude that this action is equivalent to the illegal use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom”, Basically, an act of war .

From Russia, during the presidential election campaign, Vladimir Putinanswers the question about the responsibility of Moscow about the events of Salisbury advanced by a journalist of the BBC: “First come to the bottom of the investigation and then we’ll talk about it”. But the two countries seem on the eve of another serious crisis, with the possibility of harsh penalties and expulsions of diplomats, if not worse, as and more than in 2006 after a similar case, the murder of the former KGB agent Aleksandr Litvinenko , killed in London with a radioactive polonium tea, also that attributed by Downing Street to Russia.

Although the White House, while saying “alongside” Britain, has avoided pointing the index against Russia in the story of the poisoning of former KGB spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia,she fully marries the thesis of the British premier Theresa May and openly accuses Moscow. “We have full confidence in the British investigation and its assessment that Russia was probably responsible for last week’s attack with nerve agents in Salisbury,” Tillersonsaid . “We agree that those responsible – both those who committed the crime and those who ordered it – must face serious consequences: we are in solidarity with our allies in the United Kingdom and we will continue to coordinate our responses closely”, he added.

“From Ukraine to Syria – and now in the United Kingdom – Russia continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with a general disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the lives of their citizens,” said Tillerson, who had a telephone conversation with

British colleague Boris Johnson. “There are no justifications for this kind of attacks, the attempted murder of a citizen on the territory of a sovereign nation and we are outraged by the fact that Russia seems to be involved again in this type of behavior,” he explained.

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