Scoop: Paul Ryan’s confidants say he is not running for re-election

April 11, 2018

Paul Ryan, who sources told us is not running for reelection

Spokesman Paul Ryan told the confidants he will soon announce that he will not apply for re-election in November, according to sources with knowledge of the conversations.

Because it’s important: the home republicans were already in a very difficult situation for the midterms, with many endangered members and the good chances that the Democrats could win the majority.

One of Washington’s best-informed Republicans said:

“This is a titanic and tectonic shift. … This will ensure that all Republican donors believe that the House can not be held”. The announcement will help Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) In his fundraiser because “the Senate becomes the last bastion,” said the Republican. .


  • It is said that this decision has passed since Tim Alberta and Rachel Bade of Politico wrote in December that he had seen his “wild trip to Washington finish”, but his latest discussions were held very carefully.
  • Ryan, 48, was named Republican Vice President in 2012 and has long held presidential ambitions. Friends say he could do another race in the future.
  • Friends say that after Ryan approved the tax reform, his long-standing dream was ready to get out of a job that became frustrating indefinitely, partly because of President Trump.
  • Friends say that Ryan was contemplating a minority or a small majority and decided that there was not a good time to leave – it was time for at least one period in private life.

What comes next: The two most likely to replace him are Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, although Scalise said he will not race against McCarthy, who seems to have the first bite at Apple.

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