Silicon Valley in plaster with anti-H-1B poster; Cognizant plagued by lawsuits for anti-white bias!

March 21, 2018

PFIR, an organization that exerts pressure against immigrants and work visas for foreign citizens has unleashed a major propaganda campaign in Silicon Valley.

Anti-H-1B Posters In Silicon Valley

While the H-1B visa season is about to start in April, anti-immigrant and anti-H-1B visa posters from a secret organization have arrived throughout Silicon Valley.

It seems they have bought premium advertising space throughout the month of March and April, as propaganda fears are looming large against immigrants.

Meanwhile, Cognizant is fighting hard against a series of lawsuits, which have been archived by the Americans, accusing them of prejudices in the workplace.

It seems that the anti-immigrant and anti-H-1B season has begun in the United States.

Anti-H-1B plastered in Silicon Valley!
The Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), an organization that exerts pressure against immigrants and work visas for foreign citizens, has purchased premium advertising space in Silicon Valley and has unleashed a major propaganda campaign.

With the payment of $ 80,000, PIR purchased premium advertising space within the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in San Francisco and has posted posters that basically incite Americans against foreign workers.

Try this final punch on one of the posters: “Your companies think you are expensive, undeserving and spendable”; and another: “Congress, set the H-1B law so that companies should seek and hire US workers!”

When asked about where they got funding to put on these posters, Kevin Lynn of PFIR said,

“Yes, that’s right, let’s say $ 80,000 We receive grants, donations … we’ve been around for 10 years, you understand.”

According to them, these posters were designed after “more than a year of reflection on the effects of immigration and hearing by US technicians who could not find work”.

When accused of inciting Americans against foreign workers, PFIR states that the posters are a campaign to raise awareness of the exploitation of H-1B workers by companies.

People traveling through BART have said that the posters are “scary” and “unnerving”.

BART distanced himself from these hate-fueled posters and issued a statement:

“BART does not endorse these announcements: indeed, our Board of Directors has approved a Safe Transit Policy in 2017 to send a clear message to the public and to our pilots that BART is a safe and welcoming system for all people”

Hard cognitive fights against the anti-white injury lawsuits
Meanwhile, the largest US cognitive IT, which is known as one of the largest H-1B visa sponsors from India, is struggling hard against the lawsuits filed by American workers against them.

These legal actions claim partial treatment against them, the favor of “less qualified” South American workers.

Cognizant is protesting harshly against these legal actions and has declared them invalid and wrong.

The lawsuits are using the clauses mentioned under The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which “prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, but the plaintiffs’ accusations on their face clearly concern a claim of discrimination based on national origin – not a race, ”

In their defense, Cognizant said that the cause of disgruntled American employees is not covered by any federal civil rights law. In a judicial process, Cognizant argued that lawsuits are undoubtedly targeted against “visa holders, but allegations of visa status have nothing to do with race”.

Even Wipro, TCS, Infosys are facing similar causes in the United States.

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