SOTT FOCUS: Enough With the Global Warming Nonsense: It's Freezing Out Here!

January 13, 2018

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.” Thus spake ‘climate science’ at the turn of the new millennium.

And then the cold waves came on so hard and so fast that ‘climate scientists’ had to invent a new term for them: ‘polar vortex’. The current one over the eastern half of North America has broken records left and right – and I mean century-old records. It’s so cold on Mount Washington in New Hampshire that it’s literally out of this world: it’s colder there than on Mars. And what about that superpowerful storm in the US northeast? They had to invent a new name for that too.

The weather they told us would ‘soon never happen again’ is not just happening in spades in North America. The UK had its heaviest snowfall in four years in early December. It’s freezing cold in India too, where some 70 people have died from exposure, and the Sahara Desert (yes, one of the hottest places on Earth) just got a substantial snowfall for the second winter running.

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