Stop celebrating Easter so the dead, economic instability will end – Numerologist

April 9, 2018

Christians celebrating Easter were beaten for recognizing a pagan cult. Numerologist, mystic and fortune teller, Paa Kwesi, in an interview with Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM said, Easter is a celebration that has been recognized to honor a female goddess.

Explaining his point, he noted that the goddess was a Sumerian goddess Inanna, or Ishtar.

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The goddess who further explained was hung naked on a stake, and was subsequently resurrected and ascended from the underworld.

Since then he has challenged the men of God who can support the celebration of Easter and the birth of Christ through biblical tests.

From his point of view, if we do not stop celebrating Easter, we will continue to experiment, economic instability, accidents, explosions and deaths because Easter is pagan and has an enlightened connotation.

He also noted that all the fun associated with Easter is pagan. Paa Kwesi said that Easter is originally from Babylon now in Iraq.

She said: “Ishtar was the Babylonian and Assyrian mother goddess who presided over love, war and fertility, she was also known as Estore and people celebrated her to recognize her in the year 20 BC.

Easter is for the spring and non-biblical goddess. “Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.It is the most important Christian feast and the one celebrated with the greatest joy.

The date of Easter changes every year and many other Christian festivals set their dates in reference to Easter. Good Friday, Jesus Christ was executed by the crucifixion.

His body was brought down from the cross and buried in a cave. His grave was guarded and a heavy stone was placed above the entrance to prevent people from stealing his body.

Some women visited the tomb on Easter Sunday, but found that the stone had been moved and the body was where it was originally placed.

He appeared or showed himself to his disciples and realized that he was resurrected when he told when he was with them before he was crucified.

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