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‘BREXIT is the problem’ Mrs Brown’s Boys movie sequel hopes ruined by Britain, says star

MRS BROWN’S BOYS star Brendan O’Carroll blames Brexit for ruining hopes of a sequel because “Britain decided to f*** off,” read more

October 1, 2016

THERESA May is set to announce her intention to move all Brussels laws and regulations onto the British statute books read more

September 22, 2016

THIS is the terrifying moment more than 300 Jungle migrants turned violent on French roads a day after construction began read more

September 22, 2016

PAINTED in the same iconic style and palette, you’d think all these pottery pieces were the genuine article – but read more

September 22, 2016

BRITAIN is clearly thriving after the vote for Brexit. Daily Express :: News Feed

September 18, 2016

IF YOU are over 65 and own your own home, then congratulations, you are a fully paid-up member of the read more

August 17, 2016

BRITAIN could win a “special deal” if Brexit talks are speeded up. Daily Express :: News Feed

July 30, 2016

MORE than half of Scots do not want independence from the UK despite Britain’s decision to leave the European Union read more

July 20, 2016

BRITAIN will not take up its six-month presidency of the European Council in 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced. read more

July 17, 2016

BRITAIN already has ten trade deals lined up with economic powerhouses around the world as it forges its post-Brexit future, read more