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Film reviews: Inferno, American Honey and Storks

THE end is nigh in Inferno. A bonkers billionaire has devised his own solution to global overpopulation and it involves read more

October 12, 2016

Devin Faraci is one of fandom’s most feared and respected movie writers. Now he’s embroiled in a sex-assault scandal that read more

October 9, 2016

EMILY Blunt flies the flag for Britain in the Hollywood adaptation of Paula Hawkins’s bestseller The Girl On The Train, read more

October 7, 2016

I HAVE never read Paula Hawkins’ novel The Girl On The Train. There can’t be many of us because the read more

October 4, 2016

Tate Taylor’s adaptation of the bestselling Paula Hawkins novel ‘The Girl on the Train’ stars Emily Blunt as an alcoholic read more

October 2, 2016

IT MAY feature some of Hollywood’s biggest names but the breakout star of the new Winnie-the-Pooh film looks set to read more

September 30, 2016

IF you look up the word “ghoulish” in the dictionary you will probably find a picture of Tim Burton. He read more

September 27, 2016

HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, known as the ‘godfather of gore’ and an inspiration to Quentin Tarantino, has died at 87. Daily read more

September 26, 2016

Tim Burton’s latest is about a boy who travels back in time to discover a World War II-era school for read more

September 25, 2016

GLENN Close in a British zombie movie shot in Birmingham? That’s not a description you hear every day but yes, read more