Laura Taroni, the first aid nurse in Saronno (Varese), was sentenced by the Court of Busto Arsizio (Varese) to 30 years, as the prosecution had asked , in the trial with the abbreviated trial for the murders of her husband Massimo Guerra and of the mother, Maria Rita Clerici , of which she is accused in competition with her lover and doctor Leonardo Cazzaniga. And the latter, a doctor and former director of first aid in Saronno (Varese), has been adjudicated by the judge of the Court of Busto Arsizio (Varese) for nine deaths in the ward and for the murder, in competition with the lover nurse Laura Taroni, of the woman’s husband and mother.

Thirty years in prison for the Saronno nurse and trial for the doctor and lover

The woman in the courtroom listened in silence to the sentence “she could not even speak,” commented her attorney Monica Alberti, announcing an appeal.
“It is particularly proven by the sentence – Alberti continued – but we achieved a result, it was acquitted for not having committed the fact regarding the death of the father-in-law”. The judge, for the death of Luciano Guerra, married the thesis of the defense, the prosecution had instead requested the acquittal due to insufficient evidence. “We will wait for the reasons but – he concluded – we will certainly appeal in the Appeal”.

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Cazzaniga affair has also been adjourned for

the death of Taroni’s father-in-law, Luciano Guerra, position for which the nurse was acquitted in abbreviated form, at the request of the same accusation. The ‘killer lovers’, in the courtroom, were sitting next to each other, but they did not look at each other and did not even look at one another, according to the lawyers. There are no more contacts between them. Asked for the indictment also for the hospital doctors accused, for various reasons, of failure to report, aiding and forgery.