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Travel and massage in Thailand in search of well-being lost between ancient rites and new rules

For the stressed of the third millennium Thailand is the right destination. New realm of well-being, historically and touristically famous for its welcoming atmosphere of tropical relaxation, is returning to the limelight for its therapeutic massages beloved (especially by men) now finally guaranteed by new reliable regulations. With its long history of traditional medicines and Buddhist meditative practices, the “Kingdom of Siam” has long been the most popular place for those wishing to indulge in an exotic journey by including the pleasure of being pampered by expert hands in the tour. and a swim in the sea.

But in the past these treatments were not always positive “experiences”, for hygiene, performance seriousness, uncontrolled costs. Thus, over a decade ago, the Thai Ministry of Public Health established that all spas should register with the Ministry’s Medical Registration Department (or a health office in provincial areas) to raise industry standards. This has greatly strengthened the profile of this industry, bringing its credibility to the highest level.

The government has collaborated with private sector operators and the “Thai spa association” to develop specific standards for the Thai spa industry, giving an extraordinary example to the rest of the world. Together they took a step beyond current practice to include regulation and especially to ensure that tourists apply the standards in compliance with legislation. Today the curative aspect has been added to the tourist aspect and Thai spa treatments have become more a necessity than an experience. Medical tourism based on the concept of spa has become a global phenomenon and Thailand is the leading country in Asia, succeeding in earning the excellent reputation (once rather debatable) of “reign of the spa” in Asia, thanks also to the number and quality of the centers. Many of them are classified as the best in the world, the hub of an exponentially growing business year after year.

But the reader who is not practical will ask himself what is special about a Thai massage?

Traditional Thai massage (Nuad Phan Thai Boran in Thai) is a massage method practically unknown to most people since it was practiced exclusively in Thai Buddhist temples until many years ago. Old millennia, its origins seem to reside in ancient Indian culture. The Thai massage includes a calibrated series of pressures, muscle stretches, kneading of the soft tissues and the connective layer, joint mobilization.

By stimulating the energy channels through the acupressure, energy blockages on the body and on the internal organs can be eliminated or regulated. This treatment allows a reactivation of all the anatomical-functional systems, stimulates the immune system, induces relaxation and relieves pain.

And to learn more, looking at the past, it should be added that the Nuad Phaen Boran is considered a spiritual practice connected to the teaching of the Enlightenment, so much so that even today it is taught and practiced inside the temples. In 1836, King Rama III, in order to protect and protect the “healing arts” from oblivion, gathered all the existing documentation, in Wat Phra Chetuphon or Wat Po, in Bangkok (the visit is a must).

He gave the task to skilled stonemasons to represent under the supervision and the provisions of masters, traditional doctors and competent masseurs, the practical-theoretical knowledge of the “sen” and of the therapeutic points of treatment of the ancient massage. By royal decree, sixty slabs of slate were carved; in thirty of these tables the frontal view of the human body is exposed and the traces of the “sen” and the links with the therapeutic points are identified and in the other half the dorsal projection of the body is proposed with the corresponding specular paths and the relative connections with energy treatment points.

These maps were placed along the walls of two pavilions accessible to the public, to form the Medical Gallery in the Wat Po complex, so that they were available to anyone who wanted it for consultation or study and are still visible to the public.

Bangkok, therefore, confirms one of the best places in the world to indulge in authentic massages and benefits, as the treatments in the Thai capital are renowned throughout the world. Whether it is a Wat Pho massage or the most refined wellness center, in the “city of angels” it is difficult to make a mistake. At the top of the list are the wonderful spas in the most beautiful hotels in the city, but also numerous top quality centers with services ranging from reiki or reflexology, from acupuncture to acupressure, from diet to Tai Chi, from yoga to chiropractic up to rituals of holistic healing.

Here, finally, to go straight to the right destination, a short list with all types of centers that offers the country.

Day spa: for those who do not have much time available. Targeted treatments with daily duration from 1 to 6 hours (exfoliations, traditional and rejuvenating massages, aromatherapy, aesthetics).

Resort spa: it’s an experience that can change your life. For those customers who plan their holidays carefully with specific treatments for the mind, body and spirit. The spa resorts are located in beautiful holiday resorts and offer all kinds of sporting activities with the possibility of leaving the children in custody. Tailor-made diet plans.

Wellness spa: are aimed at customers who have specific health problems or for those who want to maintain the form already acquired. Often the Spa has the clients submit to medical evaluations before the treatments in order to obtain immediate benefits. Special programs for weight loss, aerobics, gym, sauna and slimming treatments or to combat stress.

Sport spa: specially designed for physical activity and equipped with body building tools, swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, yoga, kick boxing, tennis, golf, biking.

Destination spa: new trend in locations and exclusive facilities. The main purpose is to provide guests with the tools to achieve an improvement in lifestyle and health in general through professional services, physical activity and educational programs with accommodation on the spot. Healthy and organic cuisine is served.

Medical spa: offer medical and wellness treatments in an environment that integrates spa services with complementary conventional treatments.

The spas in Thailand are just about anywhere from Bangkok to Chiang Mai but also overlooking Chaweng Beach in Ko Samui, or Phuket, Udon Thani and Khon Kaen in the Northeast (Isan).

Travel and massage in Thailand in search of well-being lost between ancient rites and new rules

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