Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

U.S. organized "Forum of Free Russia" wants to sanction "Putin's foreign accomplices"

The liberals who have gathered in Vilnius for the “Forum of Free Russia” , 1 -4 December 2017, fear that the new anti-Russian sanctions that the US will introduce in February 2018 will not cover all of the “criminals of the Putin regime.”

“Most likely, it will simply be a list of those who are close to the regime and are dangerous for the United States. The inclusion in such a list excludes people from international business, they bear reputational costs.” said Aleksey Navalny’s ally, Nikita Kulachenkov.

Comment: See: Meet Alexei Navalny: The U.S. State Department’s inside man for ‘regime change’ in Russia

In order for the Americans not to forget anyone, the forum compiled a “Putin List”, which included 88 names. The document, as stated by its authors, will be transferred to the Western special services. The liberals hope that then the parliaments of the United States and Europe will impose personal sanctions against the persons involved in the list.

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