Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

Weapons, the anger of the father who voted Trump: “My daughter in the cemetery, now I will see her only there”

Andrew Pollack’s outburst during the White House meeting. Daughter Meaddow, 18, was killed in the Florida shooting

That afternoon of Valentine’s Day, Andrew Pollack, just learned of the shooting at the high school in Parkland, ran in the car with his wife, looking for her eighteen-year-old daughter, Meadow. Then he spent the night outside the hospital, waiting for news. A picture shows him as he shows the girl’s image. Andrew wears a t-shirt with the words: “Trump 2020”. The day before yesterday he showed up at the White House in a suit and tie and with the flag of the United States in his buttonhole. The president who was preparing to support also for the next election campaign is now ahead of him. Mr. Pollack, it seems he had not even been invited. But now he grabs the microphone and begins, holding back his anger: “I can not take an airplane, if I have a bottle of water, but a species of animal can enter a school and kill our children. I think it’s not fair and we need to be together as a country and work on what’s important, to protect our kids in schools. Here is the only thing that matters ».

The shot

The camera does not frame Trump, remains on Andrew who now raises his voice and gazes at the United States leader: “Schools should already be secured. I’m pissed off, because I’ll never see my daughter again. She is not here, I left her in North Lauderdale, in the King David cemetery. That’s where I’ll have to go to see my baby. ” The words of Andrew Pollack are destined to remain in memory. Furious common sense in the midst of the controversy that already flows through Washington. A destroyed man who has just returned home, his wife Shara Kaplan, real estate agent, the other son Hunter, 29 years. Meadow was already preparing to move to Boca Raton, also in Florida, where he would follow Lynn University courses in the fall. There’s a picture of him that Andrew keeps showing to friends:

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